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As you know by now, we are very proud of our community.  We have many great memories and look forward to making many more.  As we move ahead with our community project we would like to hear from you about the past.  If you have any fond memories regarding the people or the events that occur in Mountain this is your chance to stroll down memory lane.  Please send us your musings at

  Submitted 29 November 2007 by Celeste Bernhoft Flanagan


   I have many fond memories of Mountain growing up in the 50's and 60's - a time that was simple, very safe and having many of the people of 100% Icelandic descent living all around the area. I had the privilege of driving my grandmother Einarson to the local Pioneer Daughters meetings that were held monthly in homes throughout the community, of course when I came to pick her up I was always invited in for a massive assortment of goodies. How lucky I was to be able to listen to those women and the stories they had to tell.  

     Some of the people that I remember to name just a few, were Sylvia and her interesting building, Helge Butch, Ole Post who was also the local errand guy and of course Boomerrod(sp) who came to the farmsteads selling his wares.  I could go on and on about the wonderful life I had living in Mountain, N.D. My children and grandchildren will never have such unique memories that I hold so close in my heart.

Blessings, Celeste Bernhoft Flanagan


Submitted 10 February 2008 by Evelyn Einarson Holand


What wonderful times have been had at the Mountain Hall. It has been the gathering place for so many special events through the years.


The walls were lined with chairs and the balcony had standing room only when the Mountain Warriors and Warhawks played basketball games with teams from surrounding towns.  Our main rivals of course being the Gardar Grizzlies and the Edinburg Scotties.  The school lyseum programs as well as our graduation ceremonies also bring back memories.


Variety shows were always a huge hit with accordian groups, dancers, singers, piano players, speakers, slide shows, puppets, skits and you name it taking center stage.  The stage curtain was a conversation piece in itself as its advertisements reminded us of bygone years.


The Friday night dances that were held in the Mountain Hall were second to none.  Pancho and the Rhythm Rockets and later on J Bobby Hamilton and his band as well as other awesome bands drew large crowds.  The place would really rock!  To top off the evening it was a must to go downstairs for one of Ella’s famous barbeques.


A few years ago Lauga Geirs play “ In the Wake Of the Storm “ was performed by residents of the area. It was presented on the hall stage.  It was an extremely popular event and attendance was almost beyond what the hall could handle. 


Marvin and Thorey Halldorson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with the hall chosen as the location.The Dalstad Band was hired to entertain. The Halldorson Family struck a deal and paid them with hay bales. Ben Byron and his wife Lorraine officiated over the Grand March which of course was led by the honored couple.  Numerous family members and friends came from far and near.  The floor was always crowded with dancers waltzing, doing the jitterbug, as well as the butterfly.


Thanks Mountain American Legion Hall for the good times.


I’ve been long gone from the area and only return for visits. Consequently I have missed out on a lot of happenings.  Someone please fill in the pieces.